We offer most fabulous diamonds graded by GIA

Welcome to the Fujimaki Lounge where you can find the most fabulous and rare diamonds in the world.

A Roman author, Pliny the Elder, described diamond as ".......the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all the things in this world."

It is said that even slightly flawed diamonds can sell for thousands of dollars. In fact, it's become increasingly rare to find a "perfect" FL(Flawless) or, IF(Internally Flawless) diamond.

Our business is specialized to offer you diamonds graded as D-color, FL or IF clarity, and 3EX(XXX) cut by GIA.

If you have a certain demand for diamonds, please contact with us. We will find the diamond for you.

We will use BRINKS or FedEX to send your products.

Free shipping to Hong Kong for Over 1.00ct Diamonds.

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